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Mermaids of Malta Surf Contest at GT

Give it up for Malta's first ever all-girl surf competition! Let's rock with the Mermaids of Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay at sunset is going to be the perfect setting for Malta’s first-ever female surf contest. Bomba Surf Magazine, your go-to for all things surf and stoke, is amped to announce the latest contest. It’s time to wax your boards, tighten those leashes, and paddle out into the spotlight. This isn’t just any surf contest—this is where legends are born and waves bow down to queens. 

This summer Bomba has teamed up with Reef Rampage winner Hadrien Meyer, the island’s best surf coach Valerio Cicco from Malta Surf School, and some keen volunteers to bring you the heats.

Date and time – Saturday 22nd June

The date has now been set : Saturday 22nd June, with the first heat starting at 18:00, right after the swim zone ban gets lifted for the evening.

The Line-Up

We’ve got the best of the best coming to show what they’re made of. From radical rookies to seasoned shredders, the line-up is stacked with talent that’s sure to blow your mind. Plus, we’ve sprinkled in some wild cards just to keep things spicy. We’ve roped in some brilliant judges to call the shots too, and with Hadrien, Mark and Valerio coordinating the contest, we’re in for some fun. 

If you want to compete, message either one of the organizers above, and we’ll add you to the designated Whatsapp Channel Mermaids of Malta. 

Why You Can’t Miss It

This isn’t just a contest; it’s a celebration of sisterhood, strength, and surf culture. We’re talking music, beach energy, and an all-around good vibe that’ll have you buzzing for days. Plus, with sponsors like Bomba, Malta Surf School, Salumeria Gardens and Souvenirs That Don’t Suck throwing in some epic prizes, the stakes have never been higher. Expect tons of swag, surf gear, and a few surprises that’ll keep you stoked all season long, including a prize for the best wipe out, sponsored by SeaCat, the queen of dings!

Get Involved

Not ready to compete but still want in on the action? We’ve got you covered! Come down, ask either Mark, Hadrien or Valerio and they’ll slot you in assisting judges, flagging, doing socials etc. Or simply come down and soak up the sun, surf, and stoke as you cheer on your fellow wave riders. Every voice adds to the roar of the crowd, and trust us, these ladies will be riding high on your energy.

Stay Connected and share the stoke

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and website for updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes peeks. Follow us on Instagram @Bomba_SurfMag, and use the hashtag #MerrmaidsofMalta to share your journey. Whether you’re snapping pics from the beach or posting your pre-contest prep, we want to see it all! Share the stoke online let’s make waves.

Let’s do this!

So, grab your sunscreen, get your best board ready, and make waves. The Mermaids of Malta Surf Contest is more than an event—it’s a movement, a celebration of badass women who turn the ocean into their playground. Don’t just watch from the shore; dive in and be a part of the magic.

See you in the lineup, ladies!

Stay stoked, Bomba Surf Magazine, Malta Surf School and Hadri!


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Give it up for Malta's first ever all-girl surf competition! Let's rock with the Mermaids of Malta