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Memorable May: surfs, chats & the Ripper

Catch up on the Maltese surf scene after a memorable May. We partied, we rocked, we surfed... what more can we ask for?

We’re still not over the BOMBA 80’s Ripper! Flicking through the photos and videos, looking at those insane costumes, brilliant dance moves and amazing vibe is fun and this party made may extremely memorable! 

SE delivery

The month kicked off with an epic PG session, where Carlo and Valerio charged down some awesome fronts off the clean point break. Our SE spot was the gift that kept on giving during the month, with Sky enjoying a solo session like none other he’d experienced before. Matteo and Alessio joined the action too, in one of Malta’s trickiest spots.

Ghajn Tuffieha also delivered a couple of fun sessions, attracting huge crowds over a couple of waves. More surfers might mean tighter space, but it also brought an amazing energy to the bay. With most of the travelling contingent back on local shores regaling us with surf tales from Bali, Portugal, the Maldives and beyond… the sunset session was as crisp and fun as you like!

Flying High with Basile Rio

We were lucky to have a window to chat with Frenchman Basile Rio, who is on a mission to get some air as he surfs these shores and some sweet spots around the world. Catch his BOMBA interview here ICYMI.

Surfer’s Rock

That chat happened just before Hadrien’s band Bennie Blue blasted Rock the South open with some epic tracks. Myles also went wild on the Sunday, as our creative surfers shined on in an incredible weekend of local music at Zion. 

Fresh in the BOMBA shack

The BOMBA shack delivered some fresh pieces of merch. Two all-new black t-shirts with different wave patterns brought the collection together, and new keychains are finding their way around your house keys too. Keychains are available via order, just send us a DM on Insta with your address, use Revolut for payment, and you’ll get your keychain in the mail. Simple as you like as usual!

The Rythm of the Night

The BOMBA 80s Ripper was more than we could have ever wished for. The whole surf community came together and danced the night away. Valerio and Craig rocked the decks sensationally, and what about those gorgeous costumes? Do we have to get out of them, or can we all just keep the vibe for eternity? The party was fun, and the best news is that we’ll keep going as new ideas are in the pipeline too! Let’s get together and feel alright! Surrounding ourselves with amazing humans is the plan, so thank you for coming, thank you for supporting and thank you for being awesome.

Swim zone at the bay

Sad news surfers, the swim zone is back at Riviera Bay, so don’t get tangled up! Stick to sunrise and sunset sessions as its inactive for surfers from 9-6pm!

Brazil flood relief

Lastly, we proudly salute our man Tiago Brito, who had an extremely busy time helping the flood relief in Brazil. This man has a big heart and no fear, helping people as they battled huge and fatal floods throughout a dangerous period in Rio Grande do Sol. Tiago, we miss you over here, and we’re rooting for you. 


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Catch up on the Maltese surf scene after a memorable May. We partied, we rocked, we surfed... what more can we ask for?