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A surfer sitting on his board looking at a pier

Riding High: Unrolling the link between surfers and stoners

Picture this: a sun-soaked beach, waves crashing, and a group of surfers chilling on the sand, passing around a doobie with the same care and attention they give to waxing their boards. We’re exploring the link between stoners and surfers, a relationship that’s been riding the waves since the swinging 60s and groovy 70s. Light up with BOMBA in this debate, and leave your comments after you read it. 

The Swell of the 60s and 70s

Back in the day, when bell-bottoms were all the rage and the music was as free-flowing as the hairstyles, surfing emerged as the epitome of cool. It wasn’t just about the sport; it was about what it represented: freedom, connection with nature, and a big middle finger to the establishment. Meanwhile, cannabis was the choice du jour for those looking to expand their minds and relax their bodies. It didn’t take long for the surf culture and the cannabis culture to ride the same wave. Is this the start of the not-so-secret love affair between surfers and stoners?

A weed tray with weed, a filter.
Roll up

Why surfers and weed are like saltwater and sand

So, why do surfers gravitate towards the green goddess? There are many factors, from stress to rebellion and everything in between. 

  • Enhancing the Vibe: Ever tried to sync your heartbeat with the rhythm of the waves? Weed has a magical way of amplifying that connection. It’s like putting on a pair of rose-colored glasses and seeing the ocean in IMAX 3D. Everything’s just… better.
  • Pain Relief: Let’s face it: surfing can be painful, even if we look so macho. Wipeouts, muscle aches, and the occasional encounter with your board’s fin are all part of the game. Cannabis is a natural pain reliever, helping surfers recover faster and get back to what they do best: shredding.
  • The Chill Factor: Surfing requires patience. A lot of it. You’re sitting on your board, waiting for the perfect wave, and sometimes it feels like watching paint dry. Pot helps take the edge off the wait, turning those moments of boredom into peaceful meditation. Plus, it makes the jokes funnier and the snacks taste better.
  • Fear Management: Staring down a towering wave can be terrifying. Cannabis helps some surfers mellow out that fear, giving them the courage to tackle waves they might not otherwise dare to ride. It’s like having a supportive buddy saying, “You’ve got this, dude,” every time you paddle out.
  • Social Glue: Surfing is as much about community as it is about individual skill. Sharing a joint on the beach isn’t just about getting high; it’s about bonding, sharing stories, and building friendships. It’s the social lubricant that keeps the surf community tight-knit.
A surfer with salty hair
Post surf energy

As part of the BOMBA investigation, we asked some surfers how they feel, and sometimes, asking stoners a question can be quite challenging.

One surfer opened, “It’s a part of my post-surf ritual; we watch the waves and talk about the surf while smoking; it’s social.”

“I smoke to forget I am a kook.” said another. Crap, everyone needs to roll up now! 

“I’m rolling one now”, said another while his friend passed him his lighter. Cheers guys!

… Afterall, happiness is only real when shared

Christopher McCandless’ words as highlighted in the 2007 beauty “Into the Wild”, live rent-free in our head. “Happiness is only read when shared.” It’s an age-old debate, but one which seems truer than false to most. Our lifestyle represents a culture that’s about living life one wave, and one puff, at a time. The bond is a testament to the blunt truth that happiness, like a good wave, is best when shared. It’s about finding your tribe, your wave, and maybe enjoying a little “green room” time before paddling out.

The smoke is lifting

While the image of the stoner-surfer has evolved, the bond remains as strong as ever. Today, with cannabis legalization spreading faster than a summer wildfire, the stigma is lifting, and the surf-weed culture is riding a new high. Modern surfers are more open about their cannabis use, seeing it as an integral part of their lifestyle, whether for recreation, relaxation, or spiritual connection. The use of cannabis is also growing in more traditional sports, like track and field, tennis and even football.

In the end, the link between stoners and surfers is about more than just catching waves and lighting up. It’s about a shared ethos of freedom, a deep respect for nature, and the pursuit of happiness in its purest form. So next time you’re at the beach and catch a whiff of that unmistakable scent, remember: it’s just part of the surf culture, man. Don’t judge, don’t worry, just carry on with your day and be happy!

Surfers enjoy a culture that’s about living life one wave, and one puff, at a time. This bond is a testament to the blunt truth that happiness, like a good wave, is best when shared. It’s about finding your tribe, your wave, and maybe enjoying a little green room time before paddling out or going into a literal green room. 

Whether you’re rolling into a wave or just rolling one up, it’s all about the spirit of adventure, the love of nature, and the eternal quest for that perfect ride. Here’s to the stoners and surfers—may your boards be waxed, your waves be epic, and your stash be endless.

How do you feel about the link? Do you smoke and surf, too, or do you feel the stereotype is insulting and inaccurate? Leave your comments, even if you go all Karen on us!

Bomba explores the relationship between stoners and surfers.

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