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Snapping boards at sunset

Snapped boards, skin sessions, scaring chicks... it all happened on this wild Wednesday at St Thomas Bay.

We can fit in more alliterations if you like too…

Surprise southern swell draws salty surfers in, snapping surfboards and surfing a session topless. Shall we keep going witht the s sounds? Shit okay… What a super bit of Wednesday evening madness that was. 

Most of us reeled at the wave of relentless messages on the surf chats… jealousy filled our thoughts as photos and videos streamed in. Photos of peeling waves. Videos of offshore conditions at St Thomas Bay. Just pure jizz for those wet. 

For the crew at the office, the 5 pm mark couldn’t come soon enough. The heavy arms of the clock pull themselves up to the number 12, swinging that little one close to the 5, allowing us to race down after work. The beauty of these longer days can never be underestimated. Fuck off work, we’re on our way to the bay to play.

Bomba editor, yours truly, went in with a big blue foamie. 7ft long, lots of volume, in these beautiful, almost barreling waves… a recipe for disaster. Earlier reports of Sky dipping into a barrel are still unconfirmed, so any witnesses, please speak up! 

Two big-ish waves later and snap the nose of the board broke off… ooops. Time for the duct tape… that thing fixes anything, right? And so it did… shocker! In it went again, and out it went after a couple of decent waves. Not bad for a snapped board… now what to do with the spare parts? Shorten it? Reuse it? Bin it? The foam is terrible, and covering it with that blue fabric seems tough to source… let’s see! Either way his 6’6 Channel Islands will soon be repaired too, so happy days! In the meantime, snapping expert Odhran Griffin has booked the editor in for counselling and therapy… it’s a long way to recovery after such a snapping tragedy.

During the repairs, Braydon came in, racing down after work… however, completely unprepared. No towel, no board… no wetsuit.

Problems? None. Sky’s session ended, loaning him his Lib Tech… and in Bray went with his joggers and no t-shirt. He channelled his inner Paul, now famous after competing bareback at the Reef Rampage. It’s all about attitude aye!

Of course, the fun never ends there as a few drinks were in order at Jungle Joy, where we scared off the ladies, regaling them with long (and amazing) surf stories until their jaws hit the floor from yawning… and they left us. Heh, can’t have everything aye!

So we had one snapped board, one topless surfer, and one bored girl… overall a successful day at the office!

Ye we know why they ran…


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Snapped boards, skin sessions, scaring chicks... it all happened on this wild Wednesday at St Thomas Bay.