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Ep 1: Dropping in

We’re excited for this one: Episode 1 – Dropping in. We’re literally dipping our toes in this one, exploring the potential for a new surf mag to hit the Maltese shores.

We checked out many of Malta’s shakers in Episode 1, chipping away at the surface of what makes this island just so good for surfers. We spoke to longboarders, shortboarders and just, ya know, had fun doing so!

Writing this was super fun as I got to meet some powerful and incredible humans. This is number 1 and work is already underway for Episode 2 – name to be announced soon.

Thanks to all who have taken part, be it in branding, proof reading, photography… and thanks of course to the surfers interviewed, those evenings were brilliant.

BOMBA has landed: click each link to read the articles that make the first one: Dropping In.



The Pioneers

The Surfers

The Creative

Just in:

Cicco in action, snapped by Joe Camilleri