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Yup, that’s right. Yup a surf mag in Malta. Mad right? What’s this tiny island got to do with surfing? I mean, can you even surf there bro? 

In short, yes. In long, hell yes. You can surf anywhere and this small island packs a mighty punch.

We’re not on the map yet but our waves are attracting the right form of attention and surfing here is gathering speed gaining momentum. 

BOMBA! Surf mag has the aim of putting the spotlight on some of the amazing spots around the Maltese islands and shining a light on those rad humans who surf them. The surf community here is an exciting cocktail of people from all walks of life. Like all line ups across the globe, you’ll find your oldschool reserved type surfer, your doing-it-for-the-gram dude, your typical chatty local who just wants you to have a great time and your angry, down to business surfer too. 

The soup is a mixed variety of spices, but when you get in the sea and respect the locals, you’ll see no one’s there to bite… oh and there are no sharks in the waters either.

So, picture-perfect bays, super swells, offshore days and a pallet of surf spots for every level. Sounds fun, right? 

Get stuck into BOMBA! And reach out to me, Mark. I’m doing the heavy lifting for this mag and would love a few helping hands. Everything about this magazine is locally sourced. The photos come from friends and fellow surfers and the sexy layouts you’re about to see when you flip the pages are put together by the loving hands of our friends at Bloom. Any illustration you see comes from Malta and we’re stoked to get this mag off the ground!

We’re about to witness a raw island thrive as a new wave breaks. Enjoy the ride and, to the humans that contributed to Malta’s first-ever surf mag: you rock! 


We’ve had barbeques, countless beers, crafty cigarettes and a whole lot of fun. This mag would not be possible without the excellent creative levels at Bloom Creative, the sheer brilliance of photographers Xav Negeira and Joe Camilleri and I was overwhelmed too by the wave of enthusiasm received when pitching the idea to Valerio Ciccone and Malta’s surfing community. After I smashed the keyboards, JD Farrugia combed through the texts aligning the errors, and I’ll throw a shaka out to my son Pedro for allowing me to work on it as he slept – it’s always tough to get a little’un to sleep! 

Bloom Creative: http://bloomcreative.com.mt/

Xav Neg: Insta: Xav_Neg

Joe Camilleri: Insta: camilleri_joeee

JD: https://jdfarrugia.contently.com/


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