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Bomba basics: Offshore winds

Surfer in black and white
Bomba basics teaches you about offshore winds

Sure thing! In Malta, offshore wind is a highly sought-after condition for surfers as it creates the perfect waves for riding. The wind blowing parallel to the shore creates clean and glassy waves, which are ideal for advanced surfers. It’s a welcome change from the choppy and inconsistent waves that are often caused by onshore wind. Additionally, offshore wind can also help to create larger waves, which can be exciting for experienced surfers.

However, it’s important to be aware that offshore wind can also create dangerous conditions for swimmers and surfers. The wind can push swimmers and surfers further out to sea and make it difficult to return to shore. It’s important to always check the weather and wind conditions before heading out to surf and to always be aware of any potential dangers.

Overall, while offshore wind can be great for surfing, it’s important to always be aware of the conditions and take necessary safety precautions. And with the increasing interest in the offshore wind energy, it is important to strike the balance of the use of the ocean’s resources.


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