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Bomba: Teach me how to surf

Surfer paddling out
Learn how to surf with BOMBA, the basics.

Alright, dude! First things first, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have the right equipment. A good surfboard, a wetsuit, and some wax for the board. Once you’ve got that all set, head out to the beach and check the conditions. Look for a spot with good waves and not too many people.

Next, paddle out to where the waves are breaking. Keep an eye out for other surfers and be aware of your surroundings. When you see a wave you like, start paddling towards it. As the wave approaches, pop up to your feet quickly and ride the wave.

It’s important to keep your weight forward and your eyes on the horizon. Keep your knees bent and your back straight. Use your arms to steer and balance. And most importantly, have fun.

Oh and one more thing. Be a total kook and make sure you publish at least 10 photos on Instagram. Tag us on insta for extra points!


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