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Malta /mawl·tuh.

Let's start with the very basics: Malta! Our location, our style and well, us.

We can’t start this issue without trying to describe where Malta is. Yes yes we could just show you a photo or drop a pin on Google, but we’re a little oldschool here so let’s try and paint a picture for you.

A group of tiny islands hang out in the centre of one of the most diverse regions in the world – the mad Mediterranean sea.

In a nutshell, grab a map. Find Italy. Look at that beautifully shaped leg, straight down the heel. See Sicily? Yup? Nope, that’s not us. Move your eyes closer and look under Sicily. See that fish-shaped rock? That’s us! 

It’s Malta and Gozo on either side of a gorgeous rocky island called Comino. Smack bang in between Tunisia and Sicily, these islands are really special.

From a social perspective we’re a complete melting pot of cultures. We’re patterned by a deep history that is dotted with overlords and influences from other cultures. It’s a total mix of people from literally all over the world. The islands always seem to be in some form of transition as people come, go, then come back, to leave again. It’s a little hustle and bustle and it’s definitely a unique vibe. Some people hate it, some people love it, but most find the island life comforting, cheap and safe which are three huge plus points for life on the Maltese archipelago.

Geographically this place is a playground. You’ve got everything. Stunning, insanely high cliffs. Gorgeous sandy beaches. Coves, caves, rocks and the bluest seas you’ll ever see. The seas are deep and wild, summers are scorching hot, winters mild and damp.

As for the surf here, it’s open 365 days a year. The Mediterranean is the ultimate nursery before you get your ocean stripes. Your wipeouts here are safe and you can learn your turns and how to study the weather as the winds blow from everywhere here with no prevailing or dominating direction.

Don’t expect huge ocean barrels, or fine clean lines. Expect more chaos, more wild, raw surfing with a small, young community of nature lovers. Longboarding has huge potential here too which we will explore later while we meet Malta’s pioneers… and these guys are proper cool, reminiscing about an even wilder, lesser-known island.

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Let's start with the very basics: Malta! Our location, our style and well, us.