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Riding Waves of Change: Local Surfer Braydon Grima’s 2000km Marathon for Renal Disease Awareness

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Local surfer Bray Grima is taking on a mammoth task to help those battling renal cancer. Read his story and help him help others.

In an exclusive interview with our fearless surfer, Braydon Grima, we dive into the world of a passionate individual who is gearing up to cycle a staggering 2000km across Thailand and Malaysia. His purpose? To raise awareness and funds for those battling renal disease through the charity Lifecycle. With the aim of collecting €3000 for this noble cause, our local surfer is about to embark on a journey that combines his love for cycling with his unwavering commitment to helping others.

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A Fusion of Passions

Braydon’s choice of cycling as his weapon of choice is deeply rooted in his personal history. “Bikes have always held a special place in my heart,” he reflects, “As a child, cycling was my passport to freedom, allowing me to taste independence at an early age.” He reminisces about the joy he found in pedalling, a sense of pure liberation that laid the foundation for his enduring love for cycling. “Even though I live on a small island,” Braydon continues, “I’ve constantly pushed my limits by cycling long distances. So, when the opportunity to participate in the Lifecycle event arose, I knew I had to seize it!”

A Drive to Make a Difference

For Braydon, this journey isn’t just about covering 2000km on a bike; it’s a heartfelt endeavour to make a tangible impact on lives affected by renal disease. “I genuinely just want to help,” he states with unwavering determination. “I’ve seen up close how much this condition affects people’s lives, and the life cycle offers an opportunity to make a real difference. Knowing that your sweat and determination are translating into hope and help for others fuels me with so much hope and compassion.”

Training: The Path to Preparedness

In preparation for this monumental journey, Braydon dedicates himself to rigorous training. He shares his training regimen, saying, “At the moment, I try to put in 3-4 sessions per week. My goal is to cycle around 10 hours and get around 180-200km but it’s easier said than done. Some weeks I do more, and sometimes I end up doing less.” It’s a testament to his commitment that despite the challenges, Braydon perseveres.

Balancing Act: Life and Training

Braydon acknowledges that preparing for this marathon-style ride has required a significant lifestyle shift. “It’s a bit of a lifestyle shift,” he admits. “My social life mostly took a beating, though since most of my time is now spent cycling. It’s all about finding a balance between putting in the hours of training while still focusing on recovery to prevent burnout.”

The Mental Game

As anyone who has undertaken a marathon-style event can attest, it’s not just physical strength but mental fortitude that propels you forward. Braydon reflects on his mindset during marathons: “Personally, I try not to think about the distance, and I try to ignore the feeling of fatigue as much as possible. It’s a mental game – you just have to set goals, push your limits as far as you can, and find the strength to conquer the distance.”

The Journey Ahead: 200km per day

Braydon’s marathon spans 2000km over 10 days, equating to an average of 200 kilometres per day. The route takes him from Thailand to Malaysia, with each leg presenting unique challenges, from hot and humid conditions to varying terrains and longer climbs as they head further south.

Teamwork, Support and Dedication

A journey of this magnitude demands a dedicated support system. The Lifecycle team has meticulously assembled a strong team to accompany the riders throughout the journey. Additionally, they’ve established valuable contacts in the region to provide local knowledge and logistical support.

The Sound of Solidarity

While Braydon typically enjoys cycling to the rhythm of his favourite Spotify playlists, this marathon-style ride requires a different, more silent approach. “I really wish I could,” he laughs. “Usually, when I’m cycling alone, I always have my playlist blasting, but since I’m going to be cycling with a team, we need to constantly communicate just in case there are any obstructions in the road or if we’re overtaking each other, etc.”

A Lifelong Commitment

Braydon’s motivation for embarking on this journey can be summarised in his own words: “I think there isn’t a better feeling than helping someone in need.” It’s a sentiment that underscores his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

Looking Ahead

As he gears up for this incredible journey, Braydon’s commitment to raising awareness and funds for renal disease shines as brightly as the sun reflecting off the waves. His story serves as an inspiring example of how ordinary individuals can embark on extraordinary journeys to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

A Promise for the Future

Braydon leaves us with hope for more adventures like this one, stating, “I hope so! This is the first, but for sure it won’t be the last.”

Spreading Awareness

When asked about what more can be done to improve awareness, Braydon emphasises the importance of education about the significance of a healthy lifestyle. “Engaging in regular physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, and manage stress, which can reduce the risk of kidney disease.”

As BOMBA follows Braydon Grima on his incredible journey, we’ll be with him every pedal of the way, sharing in his mission to raise awareness and funds for renal disease and showcasing the power of determination, compassion, and the indomitable spirit of a surfer who chose to ride the waves of change. Go Bray, you got this! If this story inspired you and you want to boost Bray in his journey, we encourage you to donate and also help spread awareness by sharing his story.

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Local surfer Bray Grima is taking on a mammoth task to help those battling renal cancer. Read his story and help him help others.