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Swell, parties, trips and more: Read April’s news round-up.

April was a wicked month. Read all about our month, where local surfers surfed and what we got up to.

April was a fun one! We had a cocktail of wavey days, parties, big news, trips (not the dodgy types), pranks and a lot of good vibes. Sunny days, windy ones, rainy ones which left our cars brown, and most importantly big surf. Read BOMBA’s first news report now.

The Sea Cat got wet, then went green

Cat had a rather wet start to the month and in this case, it wasn’t Better Wet. She had a little flood in her new workshop, derailing her progress… but remember, a cat always lands on her paws and Cat bounced back in style. She now offers greener solutions for board fixing, which is a giant leap for us all. It’s a little detail that has a huge impact on the ocean, hats off to Cat… keep shining and fixing. Her repair on the BOMBA board was immaculate, we’re delighted to add, the new nose suits the board… I just wish she can fix my real one! 

A new DJ on the line up

DJ Pazzo? DJ Cazzo? DJ Genghis Khan? Call him what you like! We got a new DJ in the lineup ready to spin the wheels of steel. Energetic Valerio from Malta Surf School took up a new hobby, and we’re loving it! DJ Cicco has gone BIG, and we’re proud to offer him his DJing debut at the 1980’s RIPPER. He’s got what it takes to entertain, and we absolutely can’t wait for a summer of tunes from our favourite new local DJ! Catch his live shows on Insta, and get ready to RIP! 

A new look for BOMBA

You’ll have noticed by now that the BOMBA website has a fresh look! We hope this simpler image makes it easier to navigate and read your favourite surf stories. The shop has a new look, too, and a heap of new products exclusively available online. This new system makes it easier for you to get served as we can deliver right to your home, and you don’t have to rely on yours truly to hand deliver as this takes so much time. Thanks for rocking the merch, repping this tiny island and the amazing bond we share!

As BOMBA cements a style more firmly, keep tabs on Insta for new designs, artworks and more.

Locals all around the world

April seems to have inspired a lot of travellers for our local surfers, who took to the world. We’ve had groups out in Portugal, north Spain, and France, and more surfers are heading to taste the waves in Bali, too. It’s incredible to see people live their dreams and catch waves all over the world. Their memories are the ultimate souvenirs as they chase big swells and barrels. It’s inspiring stuff! Keep searching fam!

Some lucky travellers even picked up some gorgeous new boards on their travels, and we’re looking forward to seeing them rip the local beaches here. A new board is the most exciting thing in the world, whether it’s a second-hand number or a brand-spanking-new ding-free board! 

Paola Skatepark getting closer to completion

BOMBA ran the exclusive on the new skatepark at Paola, and the month of May looks like it should be huge for the skate community. Of course, surf skaters tested the park, until it was shut and monitored, but we’re glad we got to shred it before it’s packed. Those clean red lines look amazing, and the energy of the park is going to rock. The park is ready, let’s just hope the surrounding areas get done and dusted soon! Huge thanks to the MSSA and MSA for letting BOMBA in… those photos are glorious, and we’ve got more coming as soon as it’s officially open, including some sick airs by Steve Castro!

Coming up: May’s 1980’s Ripper

Headbands, flashy colours, tight clothes, boom boxes and more… get ready for something special. The 1980’s RIPPER at the Hideout is coming up on 25 May and we want to see you dressed up from head to toe in glam. We’re up for some fun with beer pong and more games, a barbecue, drinks and some super tunes from DJ Cicco. Look out for some new BOMBA merch too! What will you be wearing on the 25th of May? 

Hope you liked the first-ever BOMBA news report, we’ll try to do this monthly… but your help is needed. Got any news to share? Drop a message on BOMBA’s IG! Surf news, fun news, funny shit… anything you wanna share! See you at the Ripper. 


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April was a wicked month. Read all about our month, where local surfers surfed and what we got up to.