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Ep 2: Vibe Check

I’ll be honest… your reaction to Episode 1 blew my mind! I was super excited and pumped and the feedback has been incredible. Episode 2 is rolling in and we’re calling this the Pop-Up as we feel we’re about to lift off!

This episode keeps the same template as the first, you’ve got your longboarder, your pioneer, your surf spot focus and all that jazz. This time BOMBA also gets into the music scene, and I might expand on this topic in the following episodes… music and surf go hand in hand so keep watching this space. So check out our local heroes Tribali and Hadrien’s chilled music this week.

My usual crew gets the thank yous – you know who you are, but a special <3 goes to the surfers who made time for me and BOMBA.


The vibe check


A focus on fiery Fajtata

The Pioneers

Going Goofy with Matthew Ciancio

The surf

A whole lotta love for Malta – with Hadrien Luke

Longboardin’ Liam

Gnarly news

A rip current runs riot at Ramla

Featured photo credits: Raffaela Colacecchi

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