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Editorial – the vibe check

Episode 2 editorial

The reaction and feedback after Episode 1 were mind-blowing. Seriously, I was not expecting this level of buzz. I’ve had messages, emails and the Pope even mentioned the mag in his Sunday prayers. Cheers Franky! The vibe has been sick and I am loving it. The wave has started (excuse the lame pun, I am just a little over-excited here!) and there’s no stopping us now. 

The reason I am digging it is that the readership of Episode 1 was massive. I’m talking over 500 readers in the first SIX days of the mag going live. This is with a net spend of €ZERO on social media adverts or pushes, making those numbers even stronger. 

You guys amaze me and with this momentum, I am pleased to present Episode 2 – the Pop-up. I am literally making these names up as we go along, so we’ve had the Drop-in – now we’re onto the Pop-up – you see what I did there?

Episode 2 shows more confidence, more style and gives you the chance to meet more cool local surfers and hear their stories. 

We’re growing on social channels too – with our Instagram account thriving already. Look out for giveaways as brands want to join the hype too and support our local surfing scene. We’re also making some rad stickers for your phone, your cars or your surfboards so keep your eyes peeled for some BOMBA merch of some sort.

I’m not gonna promise the world or anything, but this mag is gaining a life of its own and it’s only possible due to the lovely comments and feedback coming this way. Grazzi mill-qalb!

So, tuck into Episode 2, find out what it’s like to be a bass player in one of Malta’s most exciting music bands, check out Zach’s crazy lifestyle juggling surfing and barbering (lucky he kept his scissors away from my locks) and explore another surf spot in Malta.

And I have to encourage you to keep the vibes going. Share the mag, tag us, tag a mate, tag your girlfriend (or your right hand), tag your mum, dad, sister and dog. Tag a sis, bro, a bru or a bra, or your browski. Keep spreading the word. 

At this stage I also need to give thanks to the humans who have helped out in Episode 2 – namely, JD Farrugia who keeps my grammar in check, Cicco for sharing all the content, bloom creative for more amazing discussions around brand and the surfers who form part of this chapter. 

It’s all here, BOMBA – Episode 2 – out now.


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