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Sean Meli, we salute you

Sean Meli's tribute
BOMBA pays tribute to Sean Meli, a true Maltese hero

As news broke out about Sean Meli’s heroic rescue off the Sliema coastline earlier this week, BOMBA would just like to salute Sean for his act of bravery. Sean risked his own life to jump into the angry seas and pull a 14-year-old boy to safety. 

Sean, a talented active local surfer showed no fear as he plunged into the rough sea to rescue the boy and also assisted as a 37-year-old man was also pulled out from the same location by the Civil Protection. Sean Meli’s sharp reactions, instant bravery and awareness is admirable.

This is not the first time a member of Malta’s surf community has risked his own life for the sake of others. Earlier this year, surfer Liam Spiteri jumped in as a riptide dragged two swimmers out at Ramla Bay, in Gozo. Riptides are notorious as they are so hard to spot, strong, and difficult to battle against. The key here is to not panic, and go with the flow a little until you are pushed to a safer spot. Excess kicking and splashing will only serve to drain you from precious energy. Liam’s timely intervention was heroic and his timing was fundamental.

Incidences like these serve as a gentle reminder from nature as she flexes her muscles and reminds us who is boss. 

Stay safe out there people, as guardian angels are not always on the lookout. 


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