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2023: Family Time

2023, and what a year it's been! Thanks for the love fam, let's rock in 2024!

My word, what a year it’s been aye? New waves, boards, merch, events, and most importantly: friends. 2023 has been an explosion, and we’re still at the start of this big bang. Think about it, we’ve now got: 

  • Dedicated and excellent photographers and videographers snapping our surfers. 
  • A local shaper ironing out those gnarly dings on our boards. 
  • A new shop selling surfboards
  • A Surf and Sup Association that just keeps growing
  • A dedicated YouTube channel @BOMBATV2024
  • …and a local brand that with your support and love is growing into something we can all be proud of.

There has been to much to mention. I mean how do you even begin to sum up the joy and pride in seeing Hadrien’s Cosmic Spring up on the big screen at Maori? The parties too have been lit, with conga lines and all our favourite cheesy music. The pop-up shop at Pole Pole was an immense show of support by the community, while the movie night was just an excellent way to do something we all love in a space we could make our own. Potluck dinner up next? According to my Surfify wrapped (go with it), we’ve consumed 1 million slices of pizza this year, and most of those have been post-surf dinners with the very best crew around.

Family time

BOMBA’s merch keeps getting worn and used. Every sticker design and every single bit of clothing is worn with pride. It’s a lifestyle and identity… and we look forward to more coming your way including an all-new black hoodie for the colder months. Having BOMBA stocked in four shops is fantastic, really blessed to have the support of Quiksilver and Billabong stores in Sliema, Pole Pole in Gzira and Boatsalesmalta in St Paul’s.

The best part of the community is the feeling of belonging. New people join weekly, each bringing their own energy. For some it’s a lifestyle, for others it’s a sanctuary, a home and a family… ahhh do you feel the cheesy warmth too?

We love seeing total strangers become friends. Just come in, whack your shoes off, hell undo the top button too you little rascal, no one’s gonna judge. In this family, there’s only one rule: Be yourself – the rest will flow naturally.

2024, well who knows what’s coming, right? One thing is certain: anything is possible. The amount of incredibly kind humans who offer help to this channel have our deepest respect. None of this is possible without you. Whether its a like on a post, or a whole documentary showing our style, anything goes a long way. 

We’ll keep designing, drawing, planning, creating, producing, smiling and laughing… you just do yew!


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2023, and what a year it's been! Thanks for the love fam, let's rock in 2024!