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Massive tunes, massive waves!

With huge winds blowing out the island, it was time to hunt! Read about our epic session on Sunday 7th January.

The first weekend of 2024 has set a high standard. It was massive, in every sense of the word, kicking off with an incredible dub vinyl set by Bass Culture’s Miguel & Mark.

Pro tip: don’t go for a quick drink before a surf set, it’s never just one is it? But no regrets, we continue.

With last night’s heavy music still playing in our heads, a few of us got up early and started the hunt. The hunt led us to Gnejna, the only rideable spot up north. Incredibly huge sets with massive faces ready to eat you. One arrival, Hadrien Meilleur seized the day. Going in the hard way he ducked dived out of trouble and then proceeded to boss the session. From the first wave to the last he was on fire. I was second in, opting for an easier entry and two surfers soon became four with Dean Robertson and Bray Grima joining too, wanting in on the big waves. 

Having the area to ourselves was initially daunting, as this was the first surf in this spot for all of us. I found out the hard way just how close the reef is to the shore, luckily the wave literally picked me up and placed me standing on my feet comfortably for an easy exit after a fast wave. It must have looked really smooth, but the grandmothers at the entrance were right to ask “Is that a bit dangerous?” before the session. Bless their pure hearts. Of course it is. 

Thankfully, the kiosk remained open for a warm lunch and coffee and some time to assess the damage to my board’s nose. Yep, off for a nose job indeed – but luckily my actual nose is undamaged!

A dozen wipe outs later, a short zip to Golden Bay followed, where Carlo had the entire bay to himself. Granted, not the best conditions, but in the moment, he had it all and thrived. 

The insane winds blew out the entire island, but sneaking in a session, the first of the year for some sets the tone for 2024. It was a pleasure sharing waves with riders who know the score and get a fix from these massive waves, and the massive dub music the night before.

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Pre surf selfie. The expressions say it all!


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With huge winds blowing out the island, it was time to hunt! Read about our epic session on Sunday 7th January.