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Surfer paddling out

When two surfers meet to discuss something they both love and adore, something magic occurs that transcends reality. During these interviews, time often vanishes and as a listener, I feel in the present moment. We share a common life philosophy, a deep interest in a sport so intertwined with nature, that we are placed back in our primal position. It’s calming, it’s free, and time vanishes. 

The surfers I have met and interviewed, hung out with, chilled with and laughed with will always have a special place in my heart. They are exactly what BOMBA is all about. A magazine to represent this wild group of decent beings. Keep telling me your stories, as they send me, and hopefully you readers into this surreal world. All we want to do is surf. Glide on a wave, challenge ourselves to improve and leave the water feeling like cooked, wet spaghetti after giving it all to the sea.

As BOMBA continues to dive deeper into this world, the support from the fam has been outstanding. Anyone who purchases a bit of merch makes a massive contribution to this magazine, and anyone who simply likes or shares a post on IG or facebook gives me a tingling sensation. Your support is the only thing that keeps me going. 

I have been amazed to see support from the international surfing community. Tom Curran shared the board I drew, Bird Surf Shed recommended I draw his father Pat’s board. Lightning Bolt, Gerry Lopez’s very own, shared their board, Sterling Spencer liked a comment, Jonathan Freeman too, who totally gets surf culture even chatted to BOMBA on IG. 

While this is a huge dopamine hit, I’ll be honest – when a local surfer shares or likes a post or replies – I feel more engaged and happier. My surf art is subjective, and I grin from ear to ear with your love and support, over and above anyone else. 

A heartfelt thank you – look out for more content, more ideas more interviews, and meet-ups. 

You’ll notice some housekeeping too as I changed from bombamag.com to bombasurf.com – and the IG has a new name too – adding the word surf. It’s a word I love, representing a world I love. BOMBA will still occasionally dip into other extreme sports, with content lined up from more areas too:) 

Thank you fam




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