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Pink sausages under a meteor shower

The Malta Surf and SUP association organised a fundraiser at Migra il Ferha. Read all about it here, and look out for the next event.

During the first couple of weeks of August, the Maltese islands were treated to a show by the universe itself. As the skies cleared up and dark enveloped this part of the globe, a billion stars revealed themselves in transition, flashing in front of our eyes in a gorgeous display of the universe’s sheer scale.

Beautiful stuff. Add a grill, chuck in the local surf crew and bomba (no pun intended), we created a night of magic at Migra il Ferha – a stunning spot on Malta’s southern-facing, rugged coastline. 

Poster for event

On Wednesday 16th August the show started at sunset for the early birds and ended with the last flicker of a star. More than 30 surfers arrived with empty bellies, full revolut accounts and stuffed coolers. The event was not just a fun meet-up in a beautiful natural environment, but it served as a fundraiser for the Malta Surf and SUP Association. Time for some big ideas to grow! 

This fundraiser aimed to tackle the demand for live cams dotted around our local surf spots, so a lot of work is being on in the background to make this idea a reality. It’s not as simple as rigging up a cam and hoping for the best and these funds will help with the fees related to usage, data and a whole whack of things needed. 

Beers flowed around the group faster than at a local Irish Pub and the food just kept coming. Even when all the food was dusted off, more just kept coming, this time in the form of chocolate cupcakes and a whole range of baked goods. Surfing and baking seem to go hand in hand, and we’re not just talking about oven goods! 

Marshmallows then joined the conversation, with the sugary treats doing the rounds too. It was a feast and with so many new ideas flowing around that night, we beg the question: what goes into those pink sausages anyways?

Clearly, many new ideas are beginning to surface any time this bunch of surfers meet, and as more members join, more novel thoughts arise too. Donations on the evening were not mandatory, and as usual, anyone was welcome to sit under the blanket of stars. Elon Musk, it was nice of you to stop by too via Starlink.

The Malta Surf and SUP Association has more events coming up, so keep up to date on their IG! The rumour is the association is planning a movie night soon, so bring out that popcorn.

BOMBA was a little late with this article, as the editor (me – writing in third person is just f*cked) celebrated his birthday on the bay (another sunset, more muffins) then went camping and met up with surfers from our sista island Gozo!

Back online now, ready for the next one yeeeeww – PS check out Lorenzo’s and Myles, photos below. What shots, thanks for sending them in!


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The Malta Surf and SUP association organised a fundraiser at Migra il Ferha. Read all about it here, and look out for the next event.