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Get ready for the Reef Rampage Surf Competition

The Reef Rampage surf competition is coming up! Read all the details here.

The Malta Surf and SUP Association proudly invites you to attend the first surf competition of the year:


Sunday 21st January from 09:00 am onwards

📍 Marley’s surf spot Bahar ic Caghaq 📍

BOMBA Surf Magazine will be on hand with live updates on the day, so follow @bomba_surfmag and @malta_surf_sup_association on Instagram for the thrills and spills of the day.

20 surfers from across the globe will take to the reef at Bahar ic Caghaq, looking to clinch the top spot. The tournament will consist of heats, breaking the lineup down into the final four. Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the top three surfers on the day and one lucky winner will also claim the prize for the Bomba wipe out!

The two previous surf competitions have seen winners hailing from Brazil, but this year a local hero looks to emerge on top!

Marley’s is a tricky spot due to a shallow reef greeting any surfer wiping out in the gnarly zone, so this comp filters out the beginners, showcasing Malta’s top talent!

The event is powered by:

  • FunderPro
  • Dr. Juice
  • Decathlon
  • Quiksilver
  • Billabong
  • Malta Surf School
  • Cool Cat design

See you at the bay; bring a chair to relax and a warm jacket to fend off the wind. The association always seeks support during the day, so feel free to roll your sleeves up and help. It’s the perfect way to make new friends too! 

An awards ceremony will be held at Salumeria Gardens in St Julian’s right after the final heat as the surfers look to warm up and fill up on carbs after a long day battling waves.


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The Reef Rampage surf competition is coming up! Read all the details here.