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Kai Lenny opening Surf Resort in Riviera, Malta

Big Wave surfer Kai Lenny is opening a surfer's dream in Malta, converting an abandoned hotel into a luxury surf resort

In an exciting development for the global and Maltese surfing community, world-renowned big wave surfer, Kai Lenny, is embarking on a groundbreaking project in the heart of the Mediterranean. Riviera Bay, Malta, known for its crystal-clear waters and serene beauty, is soon to become the epicenter of an eco-conscious surfing revolution, thanks to Lenny’s visionary plan to transform an abandoned hotel into a state-of-the-art surf centre.

A man with no fear: Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny, a name synonymous with fearlessness and innovation on the waves, is extending his passion beyond the ocean to create a sustainable haven for surfers and like-minded individuals. The project aims to repurpose the derelict structure into an environmentally friendly hostel that stands as a beacon of health, meditation, and community in the surfing world.

The Hawaiian maestro of the big wave surfing world, has carved his legacy on colossal waves globally. With multiple world titles across disciplines like stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and foiling, Lenny’s prowess spans the spectrum of water sports. His passion for innovation and environmental advocacy has made him a revered figure, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the ocean’s canvas. He’s now set his sights on Għajn Tuffieħa Bay in Malta, as he looks to spread the stoke of surf across the world.

A young Kai Lenny checking the Riviera waves in 2009.

A holistic, environment-first approach

The new surf centre, poised to make a significant splash, is not just about riding the waves; it’s a holistic approach to the surfer lifestyle. Lenny envisions a place where individuals can connect with the ocean and the earth in a meaningful way. The centre will offer comfortable, eco-conscious accommodations where guests can unwind and recharge with healthy food options and meditation spaces designed to harmonize with nature.

The abandoned Riviera Bay Hotel 

The iconic abandoned hotel, once a thriving business, has been derelict for decades now, however, the surfing community is keen for its transformation. They have long craved the days of yester-year when surfers could enjoy a cold juice and healthy breakfast before a plunge. Early conversations hint that the size of the project will remain the same as its current site-plan, and environmentalists together with nature-driven architects, will combine to make this surf centre the greenest one in Europe. At the time of reporting, current owners of the land declined our invitation for a meeting, and have no comments to offer. Kai Lenny’s agent however shared some gems from his younger years, when he visited the islands to check out the surf.

From the sea, to a scenic skate bowl

A standout feature of Lenny’s ambitious project is the inclusion of a skate bowl within the premises. This addition is a nod to the close relationship between surfing and skateboarding cultures, offering guests an alternative way to experience the thrill of boarding. Whether carving on waves or concrete, the centre promises to be a haven for board sports enthusiasts from around the world.

The ethos of the project is deeply rooted in environmental stewardship. From the use of sustainable building materials and solar power to rainwater harvesting and zero-waste kitchens, every aspect of the surf centre is designed with the planet in mind. Lenny’s vision extends to the cultivation of a vibrant community garden where guests can learn about and participate in growing their own food, further connecting with the land that supports their passion for the sea.

Malta’s gripping love for surf

Lenny’s initiative in Malta represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the surf community. By creating a space that emphasizes eco-friendly practices, wellness, and community, he is setting a new standard for how surfers engage with their environment and each other. The centre will not only serve as a destination for surfers seeking exceptional waves but also as a model for sustainable tourism and lifestyle.

Riviera Bay’s transformation under Kai Lenny’s guidance is eagerly anticipated. With its stunning natural beauty and Lenny’s innovative vision, the surf centre is poised to become a global destination for surfers, environmentalists, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in a more conscious and connected way of living.

In addition to providing world-class surfing experiences, the centre aims to foster a sense of community among its guests. Through workshops, yoga sessions, and communal dining areas, visitors will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with fellow surfers and enthusiasts from across the globe. Lenny believes that by bringing people together in a setting that promotes respect for the environment and each other, the centre can create waves of positive change that extend far beyond its shores.

As the project moves forward, Kai Lenny’s vision for a surf centre in Riviera Bay, Malta, stands as a testament to the power of passion and innovation in driving sustainable practices within the surf community and beyond. By blending the thrill of surfing with a deep commitment to environmental and personal well-being, Lenny is not just making waves; he’s shaping the future of the sport and its relationship with our planet.

Bomba Surf Magazine is on standby for more comments from Lenny’s team, with sources close to the project adding that Lenny is “as stoked as can be to make this island the mini-Hawaii of the Med.” We’re excited for this one! Follow Bomba on IG for more on this developing story.


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Big Wave surfer Kai Lenny is opening a surfer's dream in Malta, converting an abandoned hotel into a luxury surf resort