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Paola Dropping Sick New Skatepark

Paola is coming in hot with a brand new skatepark, professionally built by Mind Work Ramps from Latvia. Read all about it now

In perhaps the most exciting local news this year, The Malta Street Sport Alliance, Malta Skateboarding Association together with the Paola Local Council combined with Mind Work Ramps from Latvia to build a sick new skatepark in Paola. 

The skatepark is complete and looking lush, but before we can grab our decks, we need to hold fire until the surrounding elements are complete.  

… and by the way, this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill skatepark. We’re talking about a top-tier, creativity-inspiring concrete playground that’s got the local skate and surf scenes buzzing.

The lightbulb moment

“The idea came from the local council,” said Karl Naja, President of the MSSA. Years ago, a group of youths from Raħal Ġdid approached the local council, and a seed was planted, with a promise made that if the Dominic Grima succeeds in his bid to become mayor, the park will happen.” Well… we’re finally here! 

And we won’t stop here. “Next, we also want to authorise events and competitions for locals and internationals.”, added Naja. Paola Skatepark will be the new epicentre for anyone who lives to skate or surf. It’s where you’ll push your limits, nail those tricks you’ve been battling with, and maybe eat concrete a couple of times—but hey, that’s all part of the game, right? We’re talking smooth bowls, an assembly of ramps for all levels, and a super area to hang out.

MSA General Secretary Rudy Dorekens is pushing youths to “take more of a direct role in their local community” and this project exemplifies his strategy, as it was indeed a keen group who “had blocked the council entrence in 2013 to demand an open space where they can practice sport, particularly skateboarding”

Crafted with professionalism, love and some serious thought for the grind, this park is decked out with ramps, rails, and bowls that’ll test skaters of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting to ride or shredding for years, there’s something here to challenge you. And for the surfers, when the sea’s flat, this place is your perfect plan B to keep those muscles working and your mind sharp.

The best part? This skatepark was born from the minds of those who live and breathe local skate culture, with input from local skate rats and design wizards from around the globe. It’s more than just concrete; it’s a tribute to the skate and surf life. The dedication the organisers put into the park is next level, with Naja complimenting the hard work and dedication shown by the team at Mind Work Ramps who set a new standard locally.

May Launch

While the park is ready and primed for usage, it is still officially closed to the public. “We wanted to bring in foreign builders with experience, which wasn’t easy and the previous mistakes made in other local parks had to be eradicated.” Currently, the opening target is May, while local contractors are completing the surrounding areas. We’re all biting our nails with excitement and not sneaking in at all… not even for photos. Promise.

A social impact

Paola Skatepark isn’t just about the ride; it’s about the vibe. It’s set to be the hotspot for events, from gnarly competitions to chill sessions and workshops that’ll make this place the heart of Malta’s skate scene. Imagine the stories, the meet-ups, the new tricks learned, and the pure stoke of watching or being the one to drop a jaw-dropping new move.

But it’s not all about what’s happening on four wheels or a board; it’s about the community. This spot is a testament to what happens when local go-getters, the government, and skate enthusiasts come together to build something epic. It’s about creating a space to express yourself, push the envelope, and connect with people who get it.

For the surf crew, this skatepark is your new training ground. The designs subtly nod to the surf culture, blending the best of both worlds. It’s where you’ll sharpen your skills when the ocean’s taking a breather, readying you for the next big swell.

Future projects

The MSSA is not done here. More big ideas are in the pipeline with a “pro-level skatepark” being planned to give advanced riders a platform to continue their growth in the sport. 

“We are also pushing for another skatepark in Ta Qali, as we plan to include it in a street festival. The Bugibba idea is being parked for now, with more emphasis on a new one in Ta Qali. There’s never enough work for street sports locally, and we’re always doing our best as the only association pushing street sports.” continued Naja.

“A rebellious streak is always connected with street sports, which is hard to overcome in a traditional society, but these ideas and this new park pave a new way forward.” concluded Naja.

“In the past few years, MSA have worked with MSSA, MOVE and many other organisations and authortities to promote street sports – and the public response has been overwhelming. One of our projects is to have more skateparks in or close to schools, which would incentivise kids to go to school using alternative modes of transport, whilst being active and healthy,” added Rudy.


The skatepark is located right next to the Corradino Correction Facility, ie the prison in Triq Il Belt Valletta. Tap this link for the google pin to get there. It central, easy to get to but do plan ahead for parking, as that area is quite notorious for being crowded – but then again, most of the island is! Busses are frequent there, and that is perhaps your best option.

See you there

Bottom line: Paola Skatepark will be the new place to be. We’re waiting for the surrounding areas to be completed for health and safety reasons (yawn!), but with the bowls looking great already, we can’t wait to see you all shred. 

It’s not just about skateboarding or surfing; it’s about creating a legacy, making memories, and being part of a movement that celebrates the thrill of the ride and the bond of the community. So, when it’s open grab your board, hit the park, and let’s make some noise. Welcome to your new home away from home, where the only rules are to live it up, skate hard and share the stoke. “It’s marvellous,” said Steve Castro upon testing it, “It’s the best skatepark I’ve ever been on” added Basile Rio. We’re licking our lips, LFG!

The curves and lines of the Paola Skatepark


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Paola is coming in hot with a brand new skatepark, professionally built by Mind Work Ramps from Latvia. Read all about it now