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We can smell a Bomba summer!

What a sensational winter it was! North Eastern winds frequently brushed our islands, giving us plenty of opportunity to surf.

And surf we did! Riviera was our main spot this winter, but a couple of others pumped too, including a little hidden spot, reserved for the advanced mofos. 

We had some giants, some rollers for longboarders and some gentle ones for the newbies: the perfect cocktail of waves.

Of course, the tonic in the cocktail was the heaps of jellyfish that stung us, lucky we use wetsuits, but most of us had sore feet.

Those jellies even joined the Marley’s Cold Water Invitational, finishing in top spot, of course! Nah, not even they could foil Nando as he ripped solidly, clinching first spot and a comfy Bomba jumper to boot! That was an amazing day, organised by Malta Surf School.

Now, enough with the cold, humid nights. Give us T-shirts, barbeques and hot rays. Bring out your bucket hats, tanned bodies and sun-bleached hair. As the sun hangs higher in the sky, we’ll welcome summer, but pray for more waves. Riviera Bay of course gets dominated by the swim zone now, making surfing very challenging, but we’ll manage to get a few sessions in. and if not, there’s always Plan B: beers and pizzas!

We’re going to share some huge news soon as a handful of us are setting up something amazing for the surf community on the island, so watch this space!

And finally, a huge hug goes out to Sky and his gal Kristina, who were both involved in a car accident, to put it mildly, see you in the sea soon, keep positive, meditate, chill and find the little victories hiding in each day.

Surfer celebrates wave
We wish this wave counted

Just ahead of what will be a fun summer, BOMBA is gonna release some new t-shirts and stickers for the summer too, back in black so check our shop or contact us directly on Instagram too.

So ye, thanks for a super winter, let’s see what summer brings. Stay tuned for more surf stories, as we continue to document surfing on this tiny beautiful bunch of islands!


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