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The smiling Italian surfer crafted in Malta

Surfer turning on a wave

Two years ago, Lorenzo Galatolo was a totally different human. Indeed, always in love with surfing and the sea, an interest he owes to his upbringing in Livorno, Tuscany… particularly his nonna’s house.

The main difference is now, Lolo became a surfer, and a hell of a good one too. This sport help him snap into shape, transforming his physique completely, and naturally his confidence too.

Surfing and friendships

It all comes down to surfing and friendships- oh and the famed “Ghandi and Valerio diet” of almonds, Lolo’s dinner of choice this evening too!

His dedication and love to the waves saw him go from zero to hero, rapido. In under two years he rose amongst the surfers here and is considered to be one of the best. And that grin shows he’s having fun too! 

It all started with friendship. “With Valerio I found a friend. He was always happy, inviting me, pushing me, and every time there was a wave I was there”

“When the surf is working, I’ll go to the office, put my board next to my desk (as the wax will melt in the car) and I run to the beach when it’s 3pm.” That surfboard is a warning for his colleagues: No overtime tonight, suckers! It his red flag, his main motivator for the day, his marker.

Two surfers on a beach at sunset
Friendships and surf! Photo by Giorgia Furloni. Cover photo by Katerina Cicconi

Fajtata’s special left

That’s especially true when conditions are right for his favorite spot: the underrated fiery Fajtata.

“There I started to cut the size of my board, from a 6”8 to a 6”. “It never works, it’s hard to get good conditions, but once it’s good, Yes- that left wave is absolutely my favorite.”

Outside Malta and Fajtata, Lolo dreams of heading out to Portugal. He’s a people person and his main interest there aren’t just those fantastic ocean swells. 

“I would like to go around the coast of Portugal, check every spot, and get to know the locals of that part too, not just here.” He’s fascinated with surf culture and humans, and that why having him talk to BOMBA was the perfect fit.

Lorenzo’s been here on the island for seven years, practically a local (he even curses in Maltese, man!), certainly a local surfer, entirely crafted on these shores.

He is a big part of the community here, and it’s not only due to his skills on the board. Lorenzo’s smile is contagious and his way of life is inspirational too.

He teaches classes with Malta Surf School, and learns a thing or two along the way too – which is always an indicator of a good teacher.

“The community is the most genuine community… in the end we are all friends. Some people come less and some more and when we are all together we are a huge team.”

This is down to the magic of this island. It’s clear, Malta has a touch of magic. “I never saw a place like this. Every day you make friends with people! After a couple of hours you’re going to create very good memories together, even if you never meet them again.”

“I really like the island.”

Words that warm any surfer’s wintery heart!

There is always another wave

That philosophy we mentioned earlier: five simple words, strung so elegantly together.

“I always come to practice. If you don’t catch the first, or the second, maybe you’ll miss a thousand, but you’ll catch the next.” That is a perfect philosophy for life. It’s his advice for all the beginners out there too, so digest it kooks! 

Also, do things with a smile – and you’ll see Lorenzo’s smile, it’s captive!

Back to the local community: “Valerio did a very good job, and even from my side, we all helped too.” Once you meet the surfers in Malta, you’ll soon realize that even if we’re 30-50 surfers in the sea at times, it’s very genuine, and very friendly and that really invites you to fall in love with this cool sport and the even cooler humans that found each other and themselves through surfing.


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