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Life lessons and surf- with Bray Grima

Surfer surfing in Malta
Patience, Pride and Peronality: three traits Bray is learning while carving on waves. Get to know him here and follow us on Insta: @Bomba_surfmag

“Surfing teaches you how small you actually are, and keeps you on edge. This feeling of being humble is now a constant feeling.”

Interview done. Thanks Bray, no more needed, we won’t top that!

But he continues, oh there’s more, loads more…

We chatted endlessly about three key pillars, which Bray underlines as:

  • Patience
  • Pride
  • Personality

These three areas of Bray’s life have taken a new meaning due to this mad sport we love.

Surfer on a wave in Morocco
Lines – taken by Kristina Mikesova

Think about it. We battle massive waves, fight and try to tame huge currents and bump into all types of colorful characters from around the world. If that doesn’t keep you humble, nothing else will.

“The people I’ve met, everyone is amazing in the community; in the line-up, I’ve learned about patience, and respecting people around you.”

Patience is not just about sitting on the line up anticipating water movements. You have to also be patient with yourself, particularly in the early days or after injury. Every session hits differently. Some days you’ll fly, while on others you’ll suck. Period. Deal with that, be humble about it, be patient. Relax and don’t beat yourself up. Trust us here, we’ve all had shitty sessions and fell over on the perfect wave. All of us. 

His advice can come in handy: “When you start take it easy and don’t compare yourself to other surfers, every session you’re going to learn something even if you don’t catch a wave. Even if you bodyboard for one wave, you don’t even need to stand up. It takes time. It’s a marathon.” He dropped an unintentional pun, since Bray is currently preparing for a mammoth marathon, riding across from Thailand to Malaysia for a charitable cause.

The surfing community here is a healthy mix of locals and foreigners who found a home here, and this helps younger locals come out of their shells and learn to escape island mentalities which can be quite challenging to overcome. Gain some perspective, we’re on a tiny island, in Europe, where life is generally quite cushy for most. Exposing yourself to a foreign culture gives you a snapshot that life outside our comfort zone is challenging, but fulfilling.

Jellyfish, swells and rentals

Braydon’s journey into the world of surfing was an unexpected twist in his life’s adventure. “I switched from BMX to surfing,” he says with a modest smile.

Zach Holland convinced Bray to start surfing, encouraging the crew at the skatepark to give it a go. “Zach would go on about surfing at the skatepark, so I had to eventually try…” Well in Zach, we’re glad you converted Bray!

Recalling those early days, Braydon paints a vivid picture of beginners daringly diving into massive swells, encountering curious jellyfish, and getting stung multiple times.

“I had rented a board from Valerio,” he reminisces. “We were all beginners back then, jumping into this massive swell with jellyfish, got stung a few times.” 

Despite the initial challenges, Braydon’s determination was unwavering. He rented a board for months, eagerly clearing his schedule whenever Valerio sent updates about the surf conditions. (Grazzie Vale!)

Surfer on a long wave in a wetsuit
Shredding! – shot by Dean Robertson

“It changed my life completely, in every aspect,” Brayd reflects. He speaks of the incredible people he’s met within the surfing community and the invaluable life lessons learned in the lineup. “You learn how small you are, and it keeps you on edge. That feeling of being humble is now a constant presence in my life.”

Braydon’s love for surfing is palpable, and his favorite spot is St. Thomas. As a goofy-footer, he relishes the opportunity to have fun in the waves there. He vividly recalls a recent session where he transitioned mid-sesh from his shortboard to a 6’8, relishing every moment and turn.

From trick bikes to boards and back

Reflecting on his journey, Braydon acknowledges the constant quest for improvement. He credits his background in BMX and skateboarding for enhancing his surfing skills. “My BMX background has helped me in skating, and my skating has helped me improve in surfing. It’s been two years, and I feel like I’m on the right track.” Soon, he’ll be back on two wheels in South East Asia for his charity!

He has a special bond with his 6.0 thruster board, but it’s the local surfers who have made the biggest impact on his growth. “I feel like I’m learning from everyone,” he says, emphasizing the camaraderie and constant exchange of advice within the community. When he’s not looking for tips from Sky, Hadrien or Vale he’s diving into surf documentaries by Torren Martyn. Dive into his documentaries on YouTube. What a lifestyle hey!

When life meets art

As we conclude our conversation, Braydon leaves us with a glimpse of what fuels his passion. “Surf culture inspires me. I love the aesthetic. It’s taken over my life.” His journey has extended beyond our shores to Portugal and Morocco, where he’s chased waves and created lasting memories.

Bray’s artwork is also worth highlighting. It’s rad and one day, a collab with BOMBA is certainly on the cards. He’s a Cool Cat, indeed even designs under that banner and we feel we’re still scratching the surface of his deep artistic talent. Look out for his designs on the poster for our next surfing event – REEF RAMPAGE, coming soon to a bay near you!

Despite his modesty, Braydon’s story is one that resonates deeply within our surfing community. It’s a reminder that the heart of surfing lies not in the pursuit of glory but in the pure and simple love for riding the waves. Braydon’s journey serves as an inspiration to all, a testament to the beauty of staying grounded while riding the ever-changing tides of life.

Surfer in a surf t shirt with sunglasses
Zach Holland snaps Bray in a BOMBA tee


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Patience, Pride and Peronality: three traits Bray is learning while carving on waves. Get to know him here and follow us on Insta: @Bomba_surfmag