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Surfing, Stoke & Self-Discovery: Alexia’s Story

Surfer on a wave shot by a drone
Alexia lives for surf! Catch her style, her attitude and the reasons why she does it here!

Picture this: sunsets melting into the horizon, waves whispering secrets, and the undying spirit of adventure in every splash. Welcome to the world of surfing, where the synergy of nature and human spirit creates an electrifying dance on the water. In the midst of this captivating realm, there exists a surfer whose journey is not just about riding waves; it’s about delving deep into the waters of life, love, and boundless passion. Meet Alexia, a soulful surfer whose story is an ode to the remarkable blend of adrenaline and meditation that only the sea can offer. 

Golden Bay was the setting for this interview, bums on the sand, basking under the a fantastic half moon with the sound of the waves lapping the shore providing the perfect sound track for this chat. 

Surfer on a wave
Surf’s up

From the shores of South France to the rocky cliffs of Malta, Lexi’s journey has been a symphony of highs and lows, challenges and triumphs. Her love affair with surfing began with an unforgettable memory of her first wave, back in the picturesque town of Hendaye. “I was 11 and my dad took me to his friend’s surf shop. The smell of wax, the vibe – it struck me right then. He traded a painting for a surfboard, and off we went for my first surf lesson,” reminisces Alexia.

But like many unforgettable stories, this one had a stumble at the start. “I nosedived and the board crashed on my solar plexus, knocking the breath out of me. My dad carried me out of the water. He said, ‘You have to go back out there now. You can’t let fear control you,'” she recalls. This pivotal moment shaped her outlook on challenges, both in surfing and life. 

“That lesson made me the surfer I am today. If you give in to fear, you’ll always be held back.”

Skate surfing girl
Read about Lexi’s other love too!

Living in Sweden didn’t provide many surfing opportunities, but the fire within her burned strong. Watching “Bondi Rescue,” she knew Australia was her destination. At 20, she embarked on her dream journey, but her then-boyfriend’s presence dampened the surfing experience. “I only surfed twice on that trip,” she chuckles, recalling the slight hiccup in her surf-filled dream with a sense of frustration.

Surf to the rescue

Years later, Malta became Alexia’s new canvas. Surprisingly, it was only after a breakup that she stumbled upon Malta’s surf scene. “I saw surfers on a windy day at Tuffieha, and I was starstruck. I didn’t know you could surf here!” What better way to recover from a breakup than to throw yourself into a sport, hey?

That discovery rekindled her love for the sport. “Surfing became 90% of my thoughts. It affected my lifestyle, my style, and my self-esteem.”

Adrenaline meets meditation

Indeed, surfing’s impact on Alexia transcends the ocean. “It’s adrenaline and meditation in one – a feeling of accomplishment and reflection,” she muses. Sitting on her board during sunrise or sunset, watching the water reflect the light, she feels truly blessed. “This sport is incredibly beautiful; it helped me break free from low self-esteem and toxic relationships.”

With an eye on the crystal ball, Alexia shares her vision for the future: “I want to wake up and surf every day. I want surfing to be my lifestyle, to share my passion with others.” Her desire to inspire budding surfers is palpable. “I receive messages from non-surfers asking how to start. I take my time to answer; it’s about inspiring people to find their path.”

Surfer girls united

Alexia’s journey highlights the camaraderie of surfer girls, a community she’s determined to empower. “Girls need to take space, build confidence, and support each other,” she asserts. Though some male surfers may end up feeling threatened, Alexia’s voice echoes, “If they can do it, so can you.” We’ll soon run a feature about this amazing group of empowering ladies, so stay tuned for that.

Amid her passion for the waves, Alexia’s connection with surfskating flourished during the pandemic. “Surf came before surfskate, but during COVID, I tried a penny board, and it clicked.” Her approach to both sports resonates with a lifestyle: “When you don’t overthink movements, you perform best.” Her video surfskate content captured the imagination of her audiences and propelled Lexi to becoming somewhat of an influential figure on social media platforms. Think dreamy sunsets, beautiful rides and a whole lot of stoke. 

Three surfer girls pose on a beach with their surfboards
Surfer girls united

Remember to have fun!

Alexia’s journey is a testament to the ocean’s transformative power, from her rocky start to riding waves with sheer joy. Her advice to fellow surfers? “Have fun, be consistent, and don’t quit. Remember, even pros started on white water waves on a foam board…”

As the sun sets on another day, Alexia’s story continues to inspire surfers and dreamers alike. With a heart full of love for the sea and a soul pulsating with the rhythm of the waves, she rides the tides of life with grace, determination, and an unwavering spirit of adventure.

Snap questions:

Fave bay (Malta): St Thomas Bay – for its longer rides.

Fave bay (Gozo): Qbajjar: When it’s glassy it’s fast and gorgeous

Surfer inspiration: Leah Dawson – she’s always having fun, keeping it casual and just enjoying herself out there in a chilled style

Dream: To make surfing into a lifestyle

Fave board: My Torq!

Surfer on a wave shot by a drone
Keep shredding! Drone photography for this and cover by the incredible @Karina_fpv!


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Alexia lives for surf! Catch her style, her attitude and the reasons why she does it here!