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Titanic Tiago takes top spot in tremendous Summer Snap

Summer Snap artwork

16 surfers took to Ghajn Tuffieha bay on Saturday 6th August to compete in the flash surf competition the Summer Snap.

Fans filled the bay on a glorious Saturday afternoon which saw the beach getting bombarded by huge waves which paved way for a brilliant surf contest.

These conditions were not for the feint hearted and each heat was stacked with talent, from our shores and beyond.

Malta Surf School and Bomba sponsored the event, and loads of incredible humans helped out, with finalist Hadrien Luke setting the tournament stages. Milan from Dissspin, Stew and Mark from Bomba judged, while Kristina Cassar Dowling helped to signal. With so many photos to go through, it’s clear the crowd played their part well too.

Four surfers made each group, which winded down to an eventual incredible final consisting of Valerio Cicconi, Sky Howes, Tiago Brito and Hadrien.

With high standards set from Heat 1, it took high-scoring waves to progress. The crowd and judges were treated to insane action, an air, lots of imaginative turns, a barrel attempt and a fair share of wipeouts. 

As the four finalists battled it out, Tiago emerged as a clear winner, showing style and grace throughout the day to claim first spot. It’s always hard to beat Valerio, who was aggressive all day, attacking the waves well en rout to second spot. Finishing in third, Sky was creative, and playful with his massive air sending the judges into hyperspace. Hadrien surfed some of the cleanest sets throughout each heat, and pushed on in the final well, narrowly missing on a podium finish.

Topping Tiago seemed impossible, as he kept getting sharper as the day progressed. The Brazilian contingent hoisted their champion as he smashed the final, soaked in beer at the end.

He continues from where Nando Theo, the Brazilian Storm, left off, and we’re blessed to witness Titanic Tiago’s moves prior to his next trip.

The fans and crowd played their part, making this an incredible weekend. Super vibes were shared, and we’re still stoked.


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